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Executive Lifecheck

If you are neither diabetic nor with any established heart disease, and are looking for a general check-up to find out your current state of health and your risk factors, you may opt for the Executive Lifechecks.

Diabetic Lifecheck

For known diabetics, this check-up will be much useful and informative.

Cardiac Lifecheck

Those with a significant heart disease and currently on active heart medications may choose this.

Women's Exclisive Lifecheck

If you are a women above 35 years of age and are looking for a thorough gynaec check-up, this exclisive check-up is for you.

Your check-up would enable us to ascertain your health status and if required so, you will be directed to a specialist for further check-ups and follow-up.

The process

The check-up takes about 3 to 4 hours, followed by a physical examination by the doctor. You may fix an appointment with the doctor for a different day, if you choose so.

Arrive for check-up before 8 am and report at the reception desk. After billing, you will be attended by a hospitality staff who will guide you through the check-up process.
The tests begin with the collection of the first blood sample. This requires you to be fasting, so make sure that at leat 12 hours have passed since your previous meal. You may take plain water if you want to, but not tea, coffee or milk. Please refrain from smoking etc.
Next on the list is the ultrasound scan. For this you need to have full urinary bladder, So, do not void urine until this test is over. If your baldder is not full, you would be asked to drink more water and wait for half an hour.
It's now time for breakfast at our restaurant.
The scan will be followed by a chest X-ray and an ECG.

One and a half hours after breakfast, time for a second blood test for glucose.
Now that your tests are over, it's time to meet the doctor, for physical examination and counselling. Your session with the doctor will take only half an hour. Don't forget to clear all doubts regarding your health status with the doctor. Based on the check-up results, the doctor will advise you on special consultations with any of the specialists.
A printed report of your check-up with results and specific advice will be handed over to you soon after or will be sent to you by post within a week.

* Fees for additional consultation are not included in the package
* Breakfast provided by AHRI
* After the morning blood collection, the rest of the examinations can be done on another day.
* For men above 50 years, Rs. 300 extra for PSA Test.

Life Check Executive Lifecheck
( Men )
Executive Lifecheck
( Women )
Diabetic Lifecheck Cardiac Lifecheck
Complete Blood Count
Glucose - Fasting & 2hr.PPBS
Lipid Panel
( Chol, Trig, HDL, LDL )
Urea, Creatinine
Electrolytes-Na, K
Calcium, Phosphorous
Alk Phos
Total Protein
Albumin, Globulin
Uric Acid
Hb A1C
*PSA for Men Above 50
Urine Routine
Chest X-ray ( PA View )
Abdominal Ultrasound
Gynaecology Consultation & Pap Smear ( for Women )
Ophthalmology & Dental Consultation
Tread Mill Test ( TMT )
Echo Doppler Study
Physical Examination and Consultation by Consultant
Advice On
Bone Density Building
Self Breast Examination
Physical Activity
Food & Nutrition by Clinical Nutritionist
Urine Albumin / Creatinine ratio
Rs. 4, 125 /- Rs. 4, 400 /- Rs. 5, 225 /- Rs. 4, 400 /-