Dr. Deivanai N Madhavan

I feel that I have gained a wealth of experience in general obstetrics and gynaecology and my aim is to offer a high quality service to patients. 

I enjoy all aspects of my work and I am keen to learn new techniques within this department.  I have a special interest in uro-gynaecology, foetal-maternal medicine and welcome the challenge of acute gynaecology and early pregnancy complications.

Qualification & Higher Training

Dec2016 - ATSM in Uro Gynaecology & Advanced Labour ward Management

January 2007 - MRCP (1) O&G.Ireland

September 2006 - MRCOG

November 2003 - DFFP

April 2003 - DRCOG

October 1989 - MBBS

May 1983 - Bsc

1983-89 - Madurai Medical College, Madurai Kamaraj University, INDIA

1980-83 - Fatima College, Madurai Kamaraj University, INDIA

Awards and honors: Awards

CTG Master Class .July 2017.Dartford

Flexible Cystoscopy Course,Canterbury Christchurch University.March2017

Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy,Theory,Joint RCOG/BSGE Meeting,RCOG, Nov.2016

Manual Vacuum Aspiration, RCOG.July2016

CTG Master Class, DVH, Dartford. 2016

Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy Workshops Joint RCOG/BSGE Meeting,RCOG.June2016

Hologic Certificate (Myosure&Novosure Training),MATTU,Guildford.June 2016

Training the Trainers. RCOG London April 2016

PROMT 2 Train the Trainers .Joint RCOG/PROMT course,RCOG. Oct2015

Endoanal and Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Masterclass.Croydon University Hospital. Croydon.May 2015

MOET Course, Chicester.Jan 2015

Certificate in Urodynamics.St.Mary’s Hospital ,londonnov 2014

Update in Fetal Medicine. Northwick Hospital .Harrow.London.2014

RCOG  Advance Labour Ward Course 2014

RCOG World Congress, India 2014

Uro-Gynaecologist Oxford Anatomy Course, Oxford 2013

RCOG Basic Surgical Course, Dartford 2013

RCOG 10th International Scientific Conference, Malaysia 2012

RCOG 9th International Scientific Conference, Athens 2011

Family Planning Update, Dartford 2010

ALSO Course, Dartford 2010

BICOG, Belfast 2010

RCOG Early Pregnancy & Gynae ultrasound course 2009

Foetal Heart Study Day, Dartford 2009

Management of Massive PPH, Dartford 2009

RCOG Forensic Gynaecology, London 2004

Management of Episiotomy & Perineal tear, Sheffield Teaching Hospital 2004

Basic Ultrasound Course, Sheffield 2003

DFFP Theory Course, Guy’s Hospital 2002

Gynaecological Endoscopy skills workshop, Royal Free Hospital 2002

Laparoscopic Course, The Royal Surrey County Hospital 2001

MDT training in Obstetrics, QEQM Hospital, Margate 2001

Introduction to Scientific & Clinical aspects of Assisted Reproduction, University of Warwick 2000

Colposcopy Course, Whittington Hospital 2000

Areas of Expertise

2008 – 2017                Speciality Registrar

                                    Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

                                    Darent Valley Hospital

                                    DARTFORD  DA2 8DA


2006 – 2008                Registrar

                                    Ramachandra Hospital




2005 – 2007                Speciality Registrar/FTTA

                                    Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

                                    Darent Valley Hospital


2004 – 2005                Speciality Registrar/FTTA

                                    Liverpool Women’s & Aintree University Hospital


Feb-Dec 2004              Speciality Registrar (LAT)

                                    Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology    

                                    Mid Staffordshire General Hospital



2003 – 2004          &n

Special Interests


I have been involved in the following Audits as follows:

Management of Monochorionic Twin, Pregnancy outcome in Obesity, Obstructured Labour, QLAB review, Re-audit on ECV, Massive PPH, External cephalic  version and management of primary PPH, Intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis in Group B Strep positive in women, Audit on external cephalic version, Canterbury Hospital, Induction of labour and prolonged labour.



2017- A Case Report on Subcapsular Haematoma in HELLP Syndrome poster  presentationat RCOG World Congress, 2017,Cape Town ,South Africa.

2017-A  case Report on Vaginal Cyst ,Garner-Duct cyst poster presentationat RCOG World Congress, 2017,Cape Town ,South Africa.

2016  A Case Report on Management of mcardle’s Disease in Pregnancy for poster presentation            at RCOG World Congress, 2016,Birmingham.

2015    SVT in Pregnancy &Postpartum-A case report which was accepted for poster presentation           at RCOG World Congress, 2015Australia

2015    A case Report on Chronic Ectopic Pregnancy. Which was accepted for poster presentation           at RCOG World Congress, Australia

2014    Presentation on Female Prostate which was accepted for poster presentation       at RCOG World Congress, India

2013    A case report regarding Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy in APEU

2013    Poster presentation for Imminent Eclampsia and IUD  for RCOG Conference,        Liverpool

2012    Poster presentation on Pregnancy outcome of a patient with Jejunostomy

            Following a trans-hiatal oesopgajectomy for fuctional dyaphagia

2010    Poster presentation on How to manage & Diagnose Inversion of Uterus at

            RCOG International Scientific Meeting, Athens

2010    Poster presentation on Fetal Compression caused by myoma in pregnancy,           BICOG, Belfast

2003    Poster presentation ECV in Kent & Canterbury Hospital and spr meeting at            BICOG, Belfast


Clinical experience

I have ……17.. Years of experience in obstetrics and gynaecology as both Registrar and Senior Registrar levels.  During this time, I have gained a wealth of experience and a wide exposure to surgical, medical and obstetric management of both gynaecology and obstetric patients.



I have worked within the obstetric department for the past …17.. Years as a specialist Registrar.

I confidently deal with a wide range of obstetric emergencies and all aspects of antenatal care and management. 

I have independently managed obstetric emergencies including PPH, eclampsia, cord prolapse, severe PET, shoulder dystocia and assisted with breech deliveries

I am able to manage all aspects of the labour ward environment including all instrumental deliveries, forceps, normal and vaginal breech deliveries, interpretation of CTG, taking foetal blood sampling, manual removal of placenta and evacuation of vulval haematoma.

I confidently deal with caesarean sections including pre-term classical, j-shaped, inverted T and CS after full dilatation of the cervix.

Suturing of episiotomy with 3 and 4th degree tears of the perineum I routinely undertake.

Obstetrics is based on teamwork and I am a go