Dr. Sindhu Sivanandan

Dr Sindhu is an internationally trained neonatologist, and did training from the premiere institutes like All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi and at the Foothills Medical Center NICU at Calgary, Canada. She is also an expert in the  management of high risk & extreme preterm births and neonates with congenital malformations, hydrops fetalis, pulmonary hypertension, inborn errors of metabolism etc. Her special interests include quality improvement, Neonatal nutrition and follow up of high risk neonates

Qualification & Higher Training

DM (Neonatology), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

Fellowship Neonatal Perinatal Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada

MD (Paediatrics), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

DNB (Paediatrics), National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, India

MBBS,  Madurai Medical College, Madurai, India




Previous Experience

Senior Resident, Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics, JIPMER

Senior Resident, Department of Pediatrics, AIIMS New Delhi 

Fellow, Neonatology: Foothills Medical Centre (University of Calgary), Canada 

Senior Resident Neonatology, AIIMS New Delhi 

Awards and honors: Awards

Dr. Gnanadesikan and Dr.S. Subramanian Gold medal in Microbiology

Dr. P. Vadamalayan endowment prize for MBBS - Medicine

Dr. P. Vadamalayan endowment prize – Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. P. Vadamalayan endowment prize - Pathology and Ophthalmology 

Best outgoing student award for MBBS-year 2002

Gold Medal in Obstetrics and Gynecology – Year 2001

Gold medal in Ophthalmology - Year 2000

First merit certificate in Microbiology  - Year 2000

First merit certificate in Pathology - Year 2000

Sorel Catherine Freeman award for best outgoing student in Pediatrics – Year 2007

National Neonatology Forum Gold Medal Award - Year 2016


Professional Membership


Member, National Neonatology Forum

List of publication

1. Quality Improvement Initiative to Prevent Hypothermia at Admission in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Among Preterm Neonates < 32 Weeks’ Gestation. Sivanandan S, Sankar M J, Deorari A K. Journal of Neonatology Vol.30, No.4, October - December 2016

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