Prof.Dr. Marthanda Pillai.A

Dr.A.Marthanda Pillai –  World renowned Neuro surgeon . Under him the department of Neurosurgery has underwent rapid modernisation. He did pioneering work in Craniofacial Surgery and Upper Cervical Spine Surgery in Kerala since 1983 which has resulted in his authoring chapters concerning these developments in the Book Progress in Clinical Neurosciences.He has published 84 scientific articles in various national and international journals and contributed chapters in 8 text books. Another notable contribution by him has been the publication of the DRUG FORMULARY which is a ready reference book on rational drug prescription. He has presented 161 scientific papers in State, National and International conferences. He has also edited two very popular books Medical Records Documentation and Consent and Recent advances in Medicine. He has served and continued to serve in different capacities in at least 29 committees of various organisation working in the field of public health and medical education. He was also the Chairman of the Board of Studies Medicine, University of Kerala. He has 10 research work to his credit of which 4 has been sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Kerala. .

Qualification & Higher Training

MNAMS (Neuro), National Board of Examinations , New Delhi

MS (Neuro) , Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram

MBBS, Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram


Awards and honors: Awards

Dr B C Roy Award 2015

Padmasree Award 2011

Dr.A.L.Sahney award for Scientific Contribution in 1993,

Dr.P.A.Alexander Oration Award for original contribution in Medicine in 1995 and


Jeevan Raksha award in 1997.

Kerala State Government Best Doctor Award 1998

Special Award of IMA CGP for organizing VIII National Conference of General Practice 1990.

Award of Excellence of Sree Sarada Education Society, Trivandrum 2010

Pravasi Bharathi Sreyas Award 2009

Lions Excellence Award 2009

IMA President Appreciation award for meritorious performance as State Secretary of IMA Kerala State – 1990.

Mritha Sanjeevani Puraskaram 2009

Manithakam Arogyarathna Puraskaram 2008

Presidential Oration Award – Neurological Society of India – 2005


IMA Medical Education and Research Award for dissertation on Occupational Health Need Promotion 2004.


Paul Harris Fellow.  Rotary International 2005.


Dr.Francis Mathew Memorial Oration Award – 2002.


Dr.M.Mathias Endowment Lecture Award 1995.


IMA Presidents Award.  IMA Kerala State – 1993


Public Health Award 2007 – for service rendered for fever epidemic


Certificate of Appreciation for Polio plus mobilization from Rotary International.


List of publication



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