About Ananthapuri Hospital


ANANTHAPURI HOSPITALS AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE (AHRI) at Kazhakuttam – Kovalam By Pass road, about 3km from Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station / Thampanoor Bus Stand, 2km from Thiruvananthapuram Airport, is a 400 bedded Tertiary care Hospital with an investment of 100 crores. The first phase of the Hospital with all major Departments, has become functional from 1st July 2005.

This hospital block was formally inaugurated by our Honorable Chief Minister Sri. Oommen Chandy on 14th September 2005 in the presence of Dr. M. K. Munneer, Minister for PWD (Public Works Department), Sri. M. V. Raghavan, Minister for Ports and other distinguished guests.

Ananthapuri Hospitals & Research Institute has some of the most eminent doctors in the country –highly experienced, skilled and distinguished in their respective fields of expertise. Your healthcare needs are safe in their hands. Complementing them and paving the way for the smooth functioning of the hospital is a team of highly dedicated personnel manning the various departments, thus fulfilling the hospital’s mission of providing service with sincerity and solicitude.

Advancing demand for quality health care combined with the capacity and willingness of patients to pay more for top-flight services creates a congenial atmosphere for private sector participation in the health care sector. People's participation and patronage make healthcare today the world’s largest industry. Yet to meet the new millennium health care challenges effectively, we do have to go a long way. We have to shoulder our own share of the responsibility in meeting this challenge successfully in order to create a better India where people can lead a healthier life in the new millennium.

AHRI, the first tertiary hospital project of Ananthapuri Hospitals Private Limited, is conceived and being implemented with the above end in view. Founded and promoted by a team of Medical Professionals who are all rated quite eminent in their respective disciplines, AHRI aims to play a predominant role in the development of healthcare services in India by setting new trends and bringing about changes cherished and earnestly sought by the society. With the kind of features we already have and are to have by its inception we are confident of achieving this avowed goal.

chairman's message

Padma Shree Dr. A. Marthanda Pillai.
For Ananthapuri Hospitals & Research Institute (AHRI).

Thank you very much for giving me this online opportunity to speak to you, making use of your most valuable time. I earnestly hope that this would mark the beginning of a meaningful association between you and 'Ananthapuri'.

It was more than a decade ago that 'Ananthapuri' got conceived in the mind of its primary promoters (me included) as a modest Venture consisting of only a couple of specialties like Neurology and Gynecology. As time passed, the advisability of embarking upon such a center, which invariably confines its scope of service only to a very small segment of the Society, dwindled against the extreme need and urgency of establishing tertiary level hospitals capable of catering to the healthcare needs of all sections of the Society at affordable rates. Detailed studies on the feasibility and viability of such a Project having its location in Thiruvananthapuram ensued. Positive results prompting planned action to implement the scheme emerged. Leading doctors, held in high esteem, who could presumably subscribe and contribute to the view, were taken into confidence and consulted. Marathon meetings involving more and more experts representing various branches of medicine, who could share and further strengthen the view, took place. Ananthapuri', as a 400 bedded tertiary hospital, became a reality as all resolved to join hands to implement the Project in two phases, the first consisting of Cardiology and Neurology (along with basic specialties) in May, 2005 and the final phase including all the specialties by 2006.

Dear friend, we are aware that it is indeed a stupendous task that we aim and endeavor to accomplish. But the amount of public patronage that the Project has registered since its formation is phenomenal enough to make us optimistic about achieving the target. Promoters who join us in this prestigious venture seem to consider the Project with deep social commitment, the need of the day deserving patronage of the highest possible level. We are in fact pooling our efforts and resources to meet the healthcare challenges that the new millennium poses. But the resources at hand are far from being adequate to meet the demand. We do have to join forces with many more of the like-minded and well-meaning members of the Society to achieve the goal.

Though the first phase is nearing completion having incurred an expenditure of about twenty crores, means utilized so far does not include assistance from any financial institutions, though many nationalized banks have sought to finance the Project. We intend to keep such sources in reserve for tapping only when other avenues, that continue to open up for us, get exhausted. This would certainly give us an edge over others to honor our commitment of paying dividend etc. promptly to the investors. Our innovative schemes like geriatric homes and wellness centers, which are hailed by all as institutions growing in demand, add to the features of the Project, of which many are unique.

Wellness and well being, which everyone earnestly seeks but finds it hard to achieve alone can make a healthy Society. Many more healthcare centers having adequate facilities, comparable with the best in the world, should be set up to correct the imbalance between the growing demands and the existing services. It is presumably against this backdrop that the Ernest & Young in their in-depth study based on Thiruvananthapuram has identified healthcare as having tremendous scope when compared to other potential sectors such as Tourism, IT and Organic farming. To create a better India inhabited by healthy Society we, every one of us, have to shoulder our share of the responsibility. Ananthapuri’s vision and avowed mission reflect our inner drives that help us pursue this noble goal. Your joining us in the venture will be significantly instrumental in achieving it.

We do look forward to associating with you as one of the most valued members of the Organization.